#5 Blencathra

Date: 31-10-2016

Starting Point: The Horse & Farrier, Threlkeld

Distance: 4.64 miles (7.47km)

Height: 868m


Today’s starting point was also our home for the night, the Horse & Farrier Inn in Threlkeld. From the car park there is a fantasic view of Blencathra lurking above us.


We headed east through the village and up towards the Blencathra Kennels

After passing through the kennels we began our ascent of Halls Fell. The weather couldn’t have been any better, the sun shone high leaving a light haze/mist filling the valley floor like a blanket


Looking towards the summit


The view across towards the Scafell range was mind-blowing, the best I’d ever seen the Lake District looking.


The route up Hall’s Fell offered spectacular views in all directions, to the east is Middle Tongue. Quite how all of the sheep in this picture got to where they are is beyond me, surprising what the little daredevils will do for some good grazing!


Continuing up the ridge and further above the cloud it was easy to feel on top of the world (As demonstrated by Glen below)

Brief stops to take in the view became more and more regular. “Have you seen that view?” and “Looks nice over there” became our ridiculously over-used phrases for the day.

Next time we’re taking a thesaurus




GoPro doing what it does best again, capturing me in precarious locations, here on some of the more spectacular sections of Halls Fell Ridge

Middle Tongue in all of its glory


As we approached the final segments of Hall’s Fell Ridge it became much more steep and really good fun. Ignoring the well trodden paths in exchange for rugged rock faces was the order of the day


Glen “Mountain Goat” Garrick in his element!


And here it is, the summit of Blencathra!


From the summit we followed the ridge to the west towards Keswick and Skiddaw. The view was just perfect. In the centre of this image you can see Catbells from my previous post (Looks tiny from here)



Stopping for lunch we noticed a much thicker front of cloud rolling in from the sea to the west. We watched a while as it slowly engulfed peak after peak, gradually making its way towards us.


We carried on to make our descent before visibility was lost.

Heading back towards Threlkeld, the autumn colours made a comeback, looking even better as the sun began to set


Blease Gill carving its way between Knowe Crags (Left) and Middle Tongue (Right)


Last the leg. After a short wander along Blease Gill we arrived back at the Horse & Farrier Inn for a well deserved sit down.


A quick change and into Keswick for dinner rounded the day off nicely. With an excellent forecast in place for tomorrow we set our sights for Helvellyn.


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