#4 Catbells

Date 22-10-2016

Starting Point: Low Skelgill Farm

Distance: 3.98 miles (6.41km)

Height: 451m


After spending the night camping at Scotgate Holiday Park in Braithwaite,  devouring a breakfast of champions in an actual jail cell at Wetherspoons in Keswick  (pictured below) and a rather expensive visit to Blacks to get my wife some walking boots, we set off for Catbells for an ‘easy couples wander’.


This was the first hill walk for myself and Glen’s other halves so I opted for this popular route.

With fair weather forecast, Autumn in full swing and it being a Saturday, there were quite a few others with the same idea as us. Not the usual mid-week solitude I usually enjoy in the lakes but still well worth the visit.


Skiddaw looked spectacular towering over Keswick and the autumnal woodlands to the north of Catbells as we began to climb


As did Derwent Water to the east with Blencathra in the distance.

The initial ascent up Skelgill Bank was steeper than I thought looking up at it, but the higher you go the better the view so we soldiered on, minimal complaining from the girls 😉


The top of Skelgill Bank rewarded us with this view looking south along the Newlands Valley towards Buttermere


From here the path to Catbells opens up, it’s such a beautiful spot that you can forgive it for being so popular with tourists. Robyn, Emma & Glen wander on ahead of me…standard on most outings when the camera is out!

This is Emma’s “I’m not suffering at all…honest” face and the mountain goat himself powering on to the summit.


I love how the GoPro can capture such a wide angle, this really shows just how special the views are from Catbells (and notice how I’m now at the front 🙂 )


A brief sit down at the top to take in the view and refuel on an ‘accidental vegan snack bar purchase’…looked lovely, wasn’t so much!


The obligatory summit groupshot. I’ve intentionally left a gap in this shot to photoshop myself in but as you can see…you’ll just have to use your imagination. My boots weren’t shiny and new enough to feature in this one!

Some truly beautiful sights looking south over High Crag.


As we continued South along the ridge from Catbells, me & Glen did our best to manipulate the walk to continue up towards High Crags but it wasn’t to be.


Instead we followed the steep winding path down towards Derwent Water. Here we’d follow the road north towards Keswick and eventually back to where we started out.


As we trundled on the Sun decided to come out after a mostly cloudy day. Just look at the colours in the Borrowdale Valley! Amazing!


After our wander we headed back into Keswick. Despite being absolutely terrified of boats/water/lakes/etc we peer-pressured Emma into 30 minutes of rowing on Derwent Water to look back at all our hard work.

Catbells looks a lot bigger from the water, made us all feel pretty pleased with our efforts.


Now they’ve done a hill, I might try and get the girls to climb Skiddaw with us at some point…


Finally, my last shot of Catbells from Keswick. I waited around for sunset to no avail. Still a great wander about with good company.


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